canadian_kazz (canadian_kazz) wrote in little_details,

Evacuating a Casino and Stopping the Police/Emergency Crews from Getting In

I have a story that's coming along nicely, but I've hit a bit of a wall. I'm looking for some opinions on how to solve this problem.

The setting is modern day Las Vegas in a world where supernatural beings exist and the heroes are Scions. (The children of ancient gods.) They each have some superpowers - flight, super strength, mind control, etc.

The heroes of the story want to evacuate the Bellagio Hotel and Casino so they can fight zombies inside without putting the public in danger. I know that you can evacuate the casino easily enough with a power outage or by pulling the fire alarm, but in both cases that would bring police and fire crews to the casino, and I feel that would defeat the purpose of getting innocent people out of danger.

So, how to evacuate the casino without alerting the police or emergency crews? Or, if it's impossible not to alert them, how to keep them out of the casino and therefore out of harm's way while the heroes go on a zombie killing spree?

I've googled "casino evacuation" and "Belliago evacuation."

Any ideas will be welcome.

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