GloriaFan (gloriafan) wrote in little_details,

Boy Scout Uniforms and Rules as of 1986

So, the think is that I write a load of Kids Incorporated fanfic. I got this idea a long while ago and I would like to describe uniforms and rules for the Boy Scouts when the fic is set (1986) and where it's set (New York).

My questions are:
  • Description or picture of uniform?
  • Would someone who dropped out of high school but has started studying for his diploma be able to become an Eagle Scout?
  • Were boys allowed to join without parental involvement? (ie, there dad doesn't 'check the place out')
  • What would a typical meeting consist of?
I tried Googling stuff like "1986 boy scout outfit" to no avail. Wikipedia doesn't have any info. And I can't find anyone to ask.

So, can anyone here tell me anything about this subject?
Tags: usa: new york (misc), ~clothing, ~wilderness survival

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