doNUT! (donutgirl) wrote in little_details,

tailors in 19th century Moscow

My story takes place in early 19th century Moscow, 1838 to be precise. But if I'm willing to bet that info from Paris, London, or other major european metropoles, and throughout the 19th century would be more or less useful to me.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out if a well-dressed, fashionable gentleman (think Byron and Eugene Onegin) would visit a tailor, or if the tailor would have to pay house calls, so to speak.

Is it conceivable that a man would go to a tailor's shop to be measured, or settle his bill, or to buy a cravat, etc? Or is that very unlikely?

I have searched: tailor, tailor's shops, men's fashion, Savile Row, dandyism, and I've spent oodles of time on, which is a very entertaining and informative site, but I can't quite find what I need.

thank you.

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