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Temporary blindness due to head trama

 Er, I'm writing a fanfic of Lewis. What I ideally would like is a way to make the younger character (James Hathaway) temporarily blind. The series is set in Oxford, England nowadays and he would have prompt access to medical help. However, it could happen that he doesn't get help for a little while. I'm toying with the idea of him getting a sizable whack over the head because there would be other side effects that would produce some vulnerable aspects.

I really need to know what the treatment would be, for example, would he need to stay with someone (Lewis)?
Also how long would the symptoms typically last?
Would he be given a cane?
Would they even let him go home

Also any information on what exactly these sites mean by "Confusion" when referring to concussion would mean? It seems to be ambiguous whether there is a lack of recognition of place and time, or just general confusion on everything.

Thank you very much in advance. :)

Search Terms used: temporary blindness caused by concussion, concussion symptoms, confusion from concussion
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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