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[ANON POST] Vietnam - Officer - Career - USAF


I have searched via Google for "Vietnam, draft, officer, white, percentage" and "Vietnam, fighter pilot, percentage, educated". Also "youngest Colonel" and "Colonel during Wartime" and "definition War." Somehow I do not get the sort of information/answer I want and before I email the armed forces, I hope someone here can answer.

My two main questions are:

1. How likely is it that certain demographic groups of people ended up serving in Vietnam?

I did read once, that only a set amount (30% of all drafted/serving men, I think, but am not sure) of soldiers (of any kind) ended up in Vietnam, and that this percentage was unevenly distributed race and education-wise as compared to the whole armed forces. I can't find these data again.

How likely is it that a white male, upper middle-class, well-educated (college, university, degree), fighter pilot, wants to become an astronaut, born around 1940-1942, not keen on serving in Vietnam, would end up being drafted there?

2. What was the youngest full bird Colonel during wartime? I seem to stumble across contradictory data.

I'm seeking the extreme there, the absolute youngest as a result of enemy action and smart career moves prior to that. Also, how likely would it be, if e.g. the enemy action was kept under wraps, that his promotion would be open to research (some 30 years ago)? Is there a career move or other means which could cover this up so the general public would not be astonished, e.g. some specific mission or becoming representant within NATO or something?

I'm not looking - in both cases - for standard fare, I am looking for the extreme which still is plausible enough to be believable.
Tags: 1960-1969, 1970-1979, usa: history (misc), usa: military: historical

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