Shannon (dreamsofswords) wrote in little_details,

Sorry if this is slightly OT, but does anyone have ideas for nonconventional ways to wage war on vampires in a medieval fantasy setting?

I've got some interesting things so far like inserting silver wires (with magic/magically skilled surgery) around arteries, silver collars (only some of them real silver), archers with longbows that fire long, thin pieces of wood, and sunlight spells (combined with mirrors all over the place in the human palace, so it gets EVERYWHERE).

Oh, and evaporating holy water to make a sort of chemical-style warfare. I have a bunch of common things like garlic and holy symbols...

This is in a rather unconventional setting where silver harms vampires, as well.

Since vampires have been around for a while, I figure there would be methods to fight them- and unconventional methods are best.

Really creative ideas are highly appreciated, but if it involves bombs, magical and other reasons are needed for it being around.

It's not for a commercial work or anything that will be published (a simple web RPG), and giving credit would be awkward, so I can't promise you that people will know who came up with this...
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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