Goodbye My Boy (goodbyemyboy) wrote in little_details,
Goodbye My Boy

Body Switching in Mythology and Folklore

The setting of my story is a somewhat anachronistic version of 17th century France. I was going to include a plot about a character, who is a witch, using magic to swap bodies with another character, and wanted to look up relevant mythology and folklore so I could figure out how this might be done and how the other characters would react to and explain it. However, the most relevant things I can find with search engines are messageboard posts by people looking for real body switching spells and similar pages. If anyone knows anything about myths and legends about body switching, or can suggest better search terms, I would be most grateful.

Search terms: various permutations of "body swap" and "body switching" combined with "myth," "legend," "folklore," "witchcraft," "magic."
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)
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