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Skinwalkers on SPN and in Navajo culture

I'm writing a Supernatural fic that's about Skinwalkers, the SPN variety. Now of course, being me, I bothered to check up on Skinwalker lore online, and as some of you may know, Supernatural didn't really bother to be accurate in their portrayal of Skinwalkers in regards to older myths.

Now since I already wrote the fic that this one is a sequel to, I'm going to stick with the SPN portrayal, but since I wanted some non human bad guys, and I'm already having Dean as a Skinwalker, I thought what if I brought up the original real mythology Skinwalkers as well. And show the difference between the two.

Making those Skinwalkers the one who are the biggest threat to the Winchesters and Bobby.

Now I need every bit of information I can on Navajo culture, and their myths in regards to Skinwalkers. Does anyone know any accurate sites? I'm of course going to have to twist a bit to explain how both groups of Skinwalkers are the same, so I don't dispute too much on the SPN version of them, but still...

Also, does anyone know how John could instantly recognize that someone is a Navajo Skinwalker, just by looking at him? I mean, he already knows that every person in the mansion he's imprisoned in is a Skinwalker, but is there anything that would instantly give them away as being specifically yee naaldlooshii? Or to at least let him know that a person is a Navajo. (uhm, should I use the word Diné, man I need more research if I want to use Navajo legends, might have to include some other Navajo characters in the fic so I don't accidentally make it look like this one group of Skinwalkers is more evil cause they're Navajo, rather than because they're witches on top of being shapeshifters...Starting to think I might better skip them all together, but I don't want to*grumble*)

Googled for Skinwalkers, Navajo, yee naaldlooshii and I did get some sites, but I would like to have some trustworthy ones, so I don't mess up too much if I really do end up using these guys as the main bad guys in the fic.
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc), ~religion: native american

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