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The Future of Belarus

I'm working on a story that involves the interactions between a few European countries, especially Finland, Belarus, and Russia. It is set in the near future. Based on the recent news about protests in Belarus, this story operates under the assumption that Lukashenka is no longer in power. However, I'm entirely unsure how such a change would affect international relations. Would it be plausible for Belarus to seek to join the European Union in such a scenario?

Assuming that is possible (because that is the direction I would like for my story to take) what about the relationship between Belarus and Russia--would it cause the collapse of the Union State (which, from the research I've done, seems to be mostly a formality at the moment)? What about Belarus's energy resources? I've read that Russia has been trying to buy Belarusian oil refineries.

Research: I've read through lots of news articles about the protests in Belarus and about current Belarus-Russia relations as well as articles on Belarusian energy resources, and I've read the wikipedia article about the Union State. I also googled "future of Belarus" and "future of Union State," but if anything, I just feel more ignorant and confused than I did when I started research.

Uh, I'm not sure if this post is even coherent anymore, but any help would be very much appreciated!
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