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[ANON POST] Recovery following multiple whippings

I have a young male character who is kidnapped and whipped on the back and sides repeatedly over the course of a week or so. There are two individuals doing the whippings, one who is a master and the other who doesn't really know what he's doing and tends to cause my victim to black out. The whippings are scheduled once daily and are with a fairly thick whip, which I've read will cause more bruising than bleeding, but especially when the one who doesn't really know what he's doing is in charge, I'm expecting at least some slicing of the skin.

The victim goes into shock and the scores get infected. He's in bad shape by the time he's finally rescued. His captors didn't do a whole lot to keep him in good shape, basically limiting aftercare to slabbing on a huge amount of Neosporin. He's also not allowed much food, though he's regularly given water.

My question is what would the expected recovery time for something like this be? And what would the impact of repeated whippings be? What sort of scarring might result?

I've searched the medicine: injuries (misc) tab and Google searched "recovery from whipping" and "recovery from repeated whippings" but most of the results I've seen are for whiplash or have nothing to do with injuries. I came across a pretty informative NaNoWriMo post on the subject, but it mostly asked whether recovery in 6-12 months seemed realistic and didn't go into the details. I also read through http://www.sexuality.org/l/bdsm/grimflog.html but that's for flogging, not whipping.

Any information or advice that can be given would be very appreciated!

The poster didn't specify, but from the mention of Neosporin I'm guessing this is present-day.
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