Nancy (dawaterrat) wrote in little_details,

Contract options of Auctorati

I'm working on a story set in a fantasy pseudo-Rome, complete with gladiators (of course). Two of the characters are the children of a Lanista, and I had an idea in my head that within this family, for the past few generations, one of the requirements of inheriting the Ludus was that the sons, provided there are more than one, must understand the gladiator's point of view by becoming Auctorati.

I'm trying to flesh out the family tree, looking for a few more options for the non-inheriting sons beyond "died in the arena." Unfortunately, thanks to WoW, searching "Auctorati" litters the results with World of Warcraft references, and the few sites I've managed to find don't have the sort of details I'm looking for, such as minimum contract length (though I've gotten a range of two to five years) and how the option to be sold actually impacted Auctorati. I understand that they agreed to it, but if their contract was for two years, and they're sold after a year and a half, did the new owners only get them for half a year? Also, did it matter if the new owner is not a Lanista and they were no longer used as a Gladiator?

Any and all help apreciated
Tags: roman republic & empire

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