Rhubarb Vaseline (midorimouse) wrote in little_details,
Rhubarb Vaseline

Two very random, unrelated questions

Numero Uno: I've heard that sometimes, if a woman is unable to conceive but desperately wants a child, her body will start acting as if she's pregnant (periods stop, morning sickness, cravings, etc). If anyone could link me up to any sites explaning this phenomon, I'd be greatly obiliged.

Numero Dos: I need some info on the British judicial system. Legal jargon, terms, slang, court etiquette, etc. As an American, I know zip about UK's legal system, so the more info the better :). Time Period: mid-1800's to present. (If I'm being too vague, tell me, and I'll try to explain a bit more)

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