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Procedure after plane crash/emergency landing

I have tried to Google- and Wikipedia-fu the answer to my question and I'm not having much luck. Here is my situation.

Setting is present day, in the US. In my story, I have an airline pilot who pulls off an emergency landing after something on the plane catches fire. Someone reports smelling smoke/the appropriate warnings go off, whatever (another detail I need to figure out) He gets everyone off safely, only minor injuries, he burns or cuts his hand exiting the plane after making sure everyone else is safe. I want the situation to be similar to Captain Sullenberger's situation, just not so spectacular. Enough that the aircraft in flames is seen on CNN so the pilot's wife can see it at work (That's another whole story there).

What I need to know is, after an incident like this, during the investigation, are those involved (flight/ground crew, passengers) obliged to comply with a gag order? It may not be relevant to my plot, but I've fixated on it and want to know the answer. I have searched the following terms: procedure after plane crash, gag order flight crew after crash, and various incarnations thereof.
Tags: ~aviation

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