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Thomas A. Jaggar Museum, Hawaii

Hi, I'm interested in the layout of the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum and the adjoining US Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

My searches on Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube (I've tried searching under the name of "Thomas A. Jaggar Museum," under "blueprints" for the museum, under "layout" of the museum, and similar searches for the HVO.) have yielded information about the history of the museum, its hours of operation, and images of the sign outside, & of the outside viewing platform (for the Kīlauea Caldera volcano the museum overlooks), as well as information about the Nene, an endangered species of goose that likes to hang out in the museum parking lot. All cool information, but what I'm really looking for is physical details about the building(s).

For example: is it one building or several? One story or several stories (if so, how many?)? How are the HVO offices/conference rooms/labs laid out and where are they in relation to the public museum exhibit spaces of the building? Where is the museum's gift shop? If the building is multi-story, where are the staircases?

In my story, two police officers are first consulting with HVO staff and then are chasing criminal suspects through the museum and out to the parking lot. I'd like the officers to catch sight of the suspects (who are possibly posing as museum guests--and whom the police recognize on sight) as the police are consulting with the HVO staff (preferably in a conference room or office). Then I'd like the police to give chase to the suspects, who run down a stairwell and eventually get away by "disappearing" via the parking lot. I'd also like the police officers to get at least a cursory tour of the museum and HVO facilities prior to the big "chase" scene, so that they have an idea where they are going.

Any information (or pictures!) on the layout of the Thomas A. Jaggar or the HVO, or even ideas on better search parameters for this information, would be sincerely welcomed.
Tags: usa: hawaii, ~science: geology

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