lupin ☂ (ketsudan) wrote in little_details,
lupin ☂

Nagasaki to Lisbon via Spice Route by boat

I am writing a short story, and a small detail that I need is how long it took a ship (typically one of the larger ships during the 1600s) to travel from Nagasaki to Lisbon using this trade route.

Thanks to the people who first commented, I have learned that I was completely off in a lot of my dates, mixing up what ships were used when, and when the actual route was used as well. I really appreciate you guys for pointing that out can we say I'm kinda stupid?.

But to make a long story short, I've still used Wikipedia and Google to find the same information (how fast ships were then, what kind of ships were used, the length of time it took to take such a trade route if things went smoothly), but making sure to keep it consistent with the 1600s. However, if information about the same subjects would be easier for the 1800s, I could work with that as well.

Maybe I really don't need to be so specific in this, but have more of a general idea than anything else...
Tags: 1600-1699, japan: history, portugal: history, ~boats and other things that float, ~travel: sea travel

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