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Role and responsibilities of an English duke, present day

 Setting: UK, present day.

I have a character who is the current Duke of Lancaster. (For the purposes of my story, the duchy of Lancaster was not absorbed into the Crown, making my character, John Griffiths, the 17th Duke.)

Any effort at research leads me to stuff from the Regency, which is interesting reading but not what I'm looking for.

1. What would be his responsibilities as a duke, apart from being in the House of Lords, if elected to a seat? Is there anything that would require him to stay in the UK, or could he settle abroad? 

2. How would people address him in social situations? I understand that in formal situations he'd be Your Grace, but what about among friends/acquaintances he's not on a first-name basis with? Griffiths? Lancaster? 

3. More broadly, any resources on the day-to-day life and roles of the British nobility would be wonderful. Again, I seem to be able to find only Regency-era resources, and my story is set in the present day. 

4. Finally, and this is more of a culture question. Would there be any fallout from him being gay? He's very well known to the public and is a very popular subject for the tabloids, so there's not much hope of him being able to live a life of quiet obscurity with his partner. How much flack would he take, if any, from his peers and the press? His partner is American and from a working-class background. (Yes, it's one of /those/ stories. :D) Would he take any grief for marrying below his 'station' as it were?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: uk: nobility, ~homosexuality (misc)
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