tetsui_no_tate (tetsui_no_tate) wrote in little_details,

Wounds and Such

Have a few questions about injuries. One of my major characters is going to be in a sword fight and I need to know what kind of wounds I can have the other guy inflict on him, and maintain any sort of credibility in having him heal afterwards. NOTE: this is medieval-level healing we're talking about. Chinese, so probably a bit more advanced than the Westerners would've been in a comparable period, but no real surgery.

So, is it possible to have someone take a bad enough cut on the arm to render it useless (actually, I was thinking of the cut not only slicing the muscle but breaking one of the bones in the lower arm) without either severing the big artery and having them die of blood loss, or crippling them for life? Similarly, is there any part of the upper body - stomach, chest, or shoulder - where you could put an arrow or sword through someone and NOT destroy a major organ? And not puncture the gut, either, as that means infection and infection means death, pretty much.

I suppose what I'm really looking for is all kinds of examples of injuries that LOOK bad and are incapacitating, but that the person could still recover from.

Would really not want to bring too much magic in here, but equally don't want the character to end up crippled, so I'm grateful for any help!

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