Emma (myrimidryad) wrote in little_details,

Public electrical torture.

 One of my characters is going to be strapped to a table on a stage in front of a crowd to be publicly tortured by electric shocks. This is not an atypical situation - this method is used to punish wrongdoers in this society, which is modern but slightly twisted. Orwellian state, and all that. 

I've looked at the effects of tasers and stun belts and I was wondering if you could have an electrical whip? The thing is, it needs to be relatively safe while still causing a lot of pain. My character is going to be shocked about twenty times, and he can't die from heart failure or anything like that. He's healthy and young, only sixteen/seventeen. So would the best method be using a prod or whip, or transmitting the shocks through the frame of the table itself? This procedure has to technically be okay for use on all ages, but usually there would be far fewer shocks involved, so he's being excessively tortured here.

And afterwards - would he suffer any permanent muscle damage due to the contractions? In my head, I imagine him having mild convulsions for some time afterwards, but I don't know if that would be accurate or not. If he was being shocked by a prod or whip, would that leave marks? I don't want him to have broken bones as a result of this either.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~torture

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