Erin (rose_in_shadow) wrote in little_details,

Self-cure for Dissociative Fugue state?

I have a character in an original story who goes into a dissociative fugue state due to emotional trauma. I've found plenty of information about this disorder, but what I can't find is if he would come to an awareness of himself on his own.

All the examples and case studies I've looked at are about modern people who have been found by police or others and then given over to hospitals for therapy. What I need to know if it is possible that a person suffering from a dissociative fugue would be able to "heal" themselves? (At least to an extent that he remembers where he's from and that he should go back. There would still be healing needed for the emotional trauma.)

Setting: fantasy world, roughly similar to Renaissance-era Earth. In cities there would be some sort of guard that resemble police but they wouldn't be likely to "serve and protect" as modern-day police do and there aren't psychiatrists to help deal and diagnose this disorder.

Terms googled: "dissociative fugue case studies", "dissociative amnesia past occurrences"

Edit: Thanks for the quick responses! I have my answer!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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