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ANON POST: Names for Asian Indian-American characters

Searched: online baby-name sites (Bachpan.com, list of top names in the US (http://www.bloggermoms.com/most-popular-indian-baby-names/), etc.), Wikipedia ("Neha", "Bhandari", "Asian-Indian Americans", etc.), IMDB (for film stars)

My question: I want to check that my OC and her children's names are appropriate (for birth year and naming tradition, and that first names aren't incongruous with last name). I prefer names that sound average and not super-trendy.

Story takes place in 2010. My OC is born in the early 1970s (east coast US) and is second-generation. Is Neha too modern of a name for her? Does Bhandari work as a family name? She's from a well-to-do family in education and politics (liberal). She's a lawyer; her ex-husband is from a very wealthy family. They have two children (girl and boy, born 2000, 2003). From the above baby-name top ten lists, I like Rohan or Ishaan for the brother and Raina or Nisha for the sister, but worry that I'm picking the equivalent of trendy Isabella and Jacob. If the kids have middle names, they'd be (for example) Rohan Patrick and Raina Grace; is that an odd way of naming?
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