Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

ANON POST: Help with French translations

I’ve tried using translation engines but I don’t really trust their reliability, so I thought I’d come to the good folks at livejournal to beg for a translation from someone who actually speaks the language :)

Story is set in Paris in 1870, but there are a number of wilful anachronisms so it’s alright if the language usage sounds slightly modern.

The phrases I need translated into French are:

“Are you alright?” (querying as to the person’s physical health)
“You cannot fool me!”
“Monsieur (Character name), I demand that you stand up!” (as in get up physically from the floor)
“I’m looking for Monsieur (Character name). Is he here?”

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
Tags: ~languages: french

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