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Missing Child procedures in late 60's, early 70's Indiana?

 searched: variations on "missing child", "1970's", "late 60's early 70's", "indiana", "police procedures", "missing child reports", etc.

I have a story that is set in the present day, but incorporates newspaper articles about a series of child kidnappings from 1968-1972. The kidnappings all occurred in a small town in Indiana, and the kids ranged in age from 6 to 12.

I'm looking for information on police procedure at the time, as well as how such disappearances would have been treated by local media. Since this information is being revealed by newspaper articles, any examples of articles about child abduction written around a similar time would be wildly helpful, but anything to do with child kidnapping at the time would be much appreciated. I do know that the modern missing children's movement started around 1975, but since everything I'm writing about happened before that, I'm left a bit in the dark.

Thanks so much for any help!

Edit for clarity: No ransom demands were made for any of the children, and the kidnapper is eventually caught. He has no connection to any of the kids, basically snatching them off the street.

Tags: 1960-1969, 1970-1979, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: history (misc), usa: indiana, ~missing persons

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