The Jester (the_jester1) wrote in little_details,
The Jester

Typical Tennessean residential telephone number circa 1930

My latest novel is set primarily in Memphis, Tennessee, 1929-1934.

I am trying to find out what a typical residential telephone number would have looked like in 1930, (when this particular scene is set - one main character is trying to call the other; both of them live in Memphis. I tried Googling "tennessee phone number 1930" and "tennessee phone directory 1930" without success. I then googled "us business card 1930" and got some results but am still not satisfied. The business numbers from that time tended towards either four or five-digit numbers, at least for businesses, but what would a residential number have looked like (particularly if it was a local call) - would it have been four digits?

Thanking you all in advance for your help.
Tags: 1920-1929, 1930-1939, usa: history (misc), usa: tennessee, ~technology: phones

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