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Chemical/acid burn healing process

googled: chemical burn healing process, chemical burn treatment process, acid burn treatment. Also looked at the "burns" tag.

Scenario: A character quickly reaches into a jar full of an alien acid(something similar to sulphuric?) to retrieve something that has fallen into it. He has to do this a second time a few minutes later with the same arm. His hand is completely submerged up to his elbow for about 5 seconds in each instance. For the sake of the story, I'm saying that this gave him a second-degree burn (since it's an alien acid, I can take a little liberty).

From what I gathered from university websites and the National Insitutes of Health, the initial treatment would be to flush his arm with water for 30 minutes, then wrap it gently with a dry sterile bandage and pop some painkillers. It mentioned specifically NOT using any kind of ointments at this point.

My character is able to pour about 3 canteen's worth of water on it before a bandage is applied. It can be flushed with water for a full thirty minutes about an hour later (if that would still help?)

My real question is, what would the day-to-day treatment look like after that? How often would he need to wash his arm with soap and water and change the bandage? Would he ever use any kind of antibiotic ointment on it? And how long would it take to heal enough that he would no longer need a bandage? (Important note: it's not his dominant hand.)

ETA: Question answered. Thank you all for your help! :)
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation
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