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ANON POST: UK marriage banns, post-2000 Scotland

've read that in the UK there's a requirement for marriage called a "banns" which is required before a marriage can occur. Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banns) points to the 1949 Marriage Act for more information re:UK practice, so I went to the UK legislation website to look it up.

It seems like the law only provides for Church of England marriages. This is a problem for me, since the characters in the story that I need this for are very definitely not CoE (lapsed Jewish, Ukrainian Orthodox).

So, keeping in mind that the story is set in Scotland, I did a google search ("marriage banns scotland") and found the General Register Office for Scotland, whose website seems to imply that if you aren't CoE you have to get a civil marriage.

So, here are the questions:

- what is a marriage banns and how does it work?
- what do non-CoE couples do?
- what do civil marriages entail?
- is there a banns requirement for a civil marriage?
- are "civil-union" banns required for same-sex couples?
- it seems like there is an exception of some sort on the marriage-banns-caused waiting period. how common is this exception and what are the pros/cons of getting it?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: uk: government (misc), uk: scotland (misc), ~marriage

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