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Callista, Lady Wander Wonder

Found child, 7 years old, Boston 1991

I'm finally diving back into an old NaNo, which means it's time for reality checks.

I have a lost child that makes its way to the police station(?) with the aid of a stranger. Before going to the station, the man tried to call the number the child gave him, but the woman who answers is having a mental breakdown; no help there. Once at the station, I have an officer ask the child its name and age, but beyond that I'm lost. I've found some information (Rule 317 pdf) that leads me to believe the child would be taken into police custody until Social Services could be contacted, but I don't know how that would play out. The processing of the child is important to plot and character development. The child, basically, didn't exist before that day, despite having contrary memories, so isn't in the system.

What questions would the police ask the child?
Would they contact Social Services right away, or would the child be transported to a hospital for an examination first?
Where would they put they put the child while they were waiting for SS?
What happens to the guy that brings the child in? Does he have to write a statement?

Anything you can give me on the timeline, especially for the first few days of this process, would be stellar. Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~custody & social services, ~missing persons

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