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Identification procedure for accident victims in Europe

Asking on behalf of a non-English-speaking friend. She's writing a fantasy YA novel, set in modern-day Switzerland, in a small mountain village.

Young woman (late twenties, unconscious) is found after an accident at the construction site. When she comes to, she doesn't remember anything except for her first name (or so she claims). She also doesn't have any belongings that could identify her.
What would be the procedure to find out who she is? What would the police do? And what's most likely to happen when they're unable to find out anything about this woman?

Searched: this community (europe (misc.) and police procedure tags), Google, with various combinations of "identification procedure", "police procedure", "accident victims", "Europe". I got a lot of info about traffic accidents and human trafficing, and police procedure in the US, which isn't what I'm looking for. Europol's site wasn't particularly helpful either.

Any information, however vague, would be very welcome, as well as possible places to look this up or terms I could use to refine my search.
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