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kerosene + wound

Hi, here I am again with the crazy medical questions.

I tried googling "kerosene wound" and "kerosene skin" and came up with sites too general for me to use (typical medical sites, at least the credible-sounding results).

What happens when you pour kerosene on an open wound, or get wounded by a kerosene-coated something? Scenario is (black comedy) two people living in a house, one of them subtly mentally ill enough to use kerosene as body lotion (for now - I'm still in the playing-with-scenarios stages). The other is a mid-20'S, neurotic, depressed Asian woman.

Scenario 1: The Asian woman gets wounded and the mentally ill housemate pours kerosene to treat it (Asian woman is too confused by her housemate's behavior - the housemate's always been rather weird and would never play nurse - to ask just what is being applied to her wound).

2: The mentally ill housemate wounds the Asian woman in a physical struggle - long nails scratch her skin - with her hands unwashed from applying kerosene earlier.

3: The Asian woman, deciding to cook, gets cut with a knife she doesn't know was held by the housemate, which she didn't wash because she thought it was clean, having gotten it from the compartment where they keep the cooking utensils. The housemate didn't wash her hands after applying kerosene, and held the knife by the blade.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: poisoning

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