vic_vega66 (vic_vega66) wrote in little_details,

Question about the correct weapon for an assasination attempt

I am writing a short story which involves an assasination, (I'm not planning on bumping anyone off)

My question is this; what sort of weapon would an assassin (male) use? I've picked a Heckler and Koch semi automatic sub machine gun, with telescopic site and range finder and it's mounted on a tripod for ease of use.

The next idea is a Galil snipers rifle plus bipod which fires 762 Nato rounds and can be packed away in a briefcase James Bond style. This weapon is used by the Isreali Military.

My husband assures me that the Heckler is wrong for a long range kill - hotel room to standing target on the ground and he prefers the Galil.

I'm stuck, any ideas?

Googled: snipers rifle, assassins weapon, weapons an assassin would use and got a lot of X-box games cheats. (apologies for the spelling)
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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