Cherry (chierii) wrote in little_details,

Common problems while cooking squid?

So yeah. I have a character who's never had to cook fresh food in her life until now. She decides to start with calamari, but obviously, doesn't have much of an idea of what to do.

However, I don't know how exactly it could go wrong, since I've never had to cook squid myself.

Any cookbooks present could be for a wide range of styles, so that's up for grabs. Whatever can produce the most spectacular problems will wind up being the ones I use.

I've Googled "common problems cooking squid", "issues cooking calamari", and looked at Wikipedia's Squid(food) page. No luck.

EDIT: So it looks like the general consensus is over/undercooking and maybe an oil fire! You can keep making suggestions if you want, but I definitely have a few good ideas. Thanks a bunch, everyone!
Tags: ~food and drink (misc)

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