drachenmina (drachenmina) wrote in little_details,

Breaking into Berlin Zoo

My characters need to break into Berlin Zoo at around 3am on a weekday night. The story is a contemporary, and they're coming on foot from the direction of the Tiergarten park.

Looking at Google images for Berlin Zoo fence, it appears there is a fence of vertical iron railings around 10 feet high - does this go all the way around? Or would there be something different, eg a wall, on the side nearest the Tiergarten? I can't tell from Google satellite images.

I'm assuming the zoo has security cameras installed - can anyone confirm this?
Would there be passers-by in the area, even at that time of night?

I'd like my characters to climb the fence and wander around for a while before they realise they've been seen by security cameras, which happens just before a couple of security guards turn up. Does this sound feasible?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: germany (misc)

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