kate_sherwood (kate_sherwood) wrote in little_details,

Proof of Death for killer in US west, 1855

I'm writing a story set in the California Gold Rush (the waning years), and one of my characters is a hired killer. He's been tracking a couple men for quite a while, and they've gone up into the mountains, alone. He follows them. Once he's killed them - how does he prove it? I know scalping was related to bounties, but that won't work to prove that specific individuals were killed.

Would it be crazy for the client to just accept my character's word? I've established him as a fairly well-known killer, so he'd have a reputation to protect, and wouldn't want to be caught in a lie. But is that enough?

Googled: 'proof of death' hired killer wild west, variations thereof

Thanks for any help.
Tags: 1850-1859, usa: history (misc), ~law enforcement (misc)

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