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Lots of questions regarding impact play...

I'm researching impact play and having a hard time find solid answers on things. I've googled bdsm, sadism, masochism, sadomasochism, d/s, domination/submission, impact play, and all different types of impact toys.

The story is a futuristic BDSM universe piece, but that shouldn't have an effect on any of this.

At the moment I'm specifically wondering about new impact play toys. In term of leather ones, I've read that they're stiff and need to be broken in. I'm wondering why exactly that's a bad thing. Does it make them erratic? Hit harder? What? Also how exactly do you break them in? Is there a set amount of time? From what I understand rubber ones are usable from the beginning and will retain and similar stiffness throughout their lifetime?

Also in term of leather toys, what are the dangers if they aren't well taken care of? For example, what if they dry out and crack?

In terms of how they feel on the person that's being hit, is there much difference between a slapper and a crop? They seem to serve similar purposes to me.

With tawses is there any consensus on the straps are called? I've read straps, fingers, blades, tails, etc. Also how would that feel? Does each strap hit at a different time? If they all hit at the same time, what's the difference between this and a strap?

I'm also in need of some good resources about cane and whip use specifically, but I'm open to resources on any type of impact play outside of spanking.
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