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Mongolian Spiritual Practices?

I recently changed my main character from Chinese to Mongolian, which solved a number of problems but also destroyed most of the backstory I'd constructed for her. I wanted to incorporate various ghosts or demons into the story, as well as dogma, but I'm having a very hard time finding dogma or spirits for Mongolia and keep encountering Chinese mythology instead.

I remember a presentation made by a National Geographic photographer who had been in Mongolia talking about his experiences with a young female shaman he encountered, and about how when she reached a certain age, she'd gotten very sick and was left somewhere. Surviving and returning meant that she was recognized by the spirits and had become a shaman.

Anything on Mongolian shamans and their spiritual practices, or the above-mentioned practice of leaving someone who starts to exhibit strange symptoms to see if the spirits will recognize them would be greatly appreciated. I'm having dubious luck with google, and people who I would normally consult about spiritual practices are drawing blanks on Mongolia. Thank you!
Tags: mongolia (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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