Rikoshi Kisaragi (rikoshi) wrote in little_details,
Rikoshi Kisaragi

Skiing Question: Follow Up

(First off, thanks for the people who helped with my previous question about ski lodges. That as quite informative!)

It's been a long time since the last (and first!) time I went skiing, and I was just a kid at the time. So, I don't quite know the details of adult ski suits -- namely, how difficult they are to take off.

Let's just say that the details of the story require attention paid to undressing (use your imagination, littlies). My question is, if you've just gotten back to your room, how much of a pain is it to get out of one's ski suit? I'm thinking it's just a heavy, bulky oversuit deal that goes on over your other clothing, but I'd like to make sure I'm accurate, here, since I know that ski afficiandos would definitely see through improper details. :)
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