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Some First World War related health questions

The events take place in France, during and after the First World War.

Question 1: Did the recruitment to the army work in France in the same way it worked in Britain? If a person had ´health issues which prevented him from acting as a soldier, what was he supposed to do? I suppose those becoming soldiers or officers had to somehow prove their health or have it tested, but what if there were problems with it? Would he be expected to work for the army on the home front? I've done searches with terms 'recruitment', 'France', 'health issues', 'first world war' both in English and in French, but somehow all the results I find are about Britain, Canada or French colonies in Africa. (My French is quite poor, which may explain my problems, but I'm willing to read books or articles also in French.)

Question 2: How big a stigma was shell-shock in mid or late 20's, again in France? And, if someone was suffering from it, who decided on his treatment? I'm planning a sub-plot in which a sister wants to have his brother in a string for certain reasons, and her confederate is a doctor who is willing to falsely claim that his symptoms are caused by shell-shock. What I need to know is how this little scheming possibly affects the family's social status, and whether her power over the brother would be mental or if she could also threaten him with psychiatric hospital or something of the kind. The brother's symptoms are mainly physical, and committing him into a hospital would not be necessary as long as the sister is staying with him. I've done various searches with terms such as 'shell-shock', 'France', 'stigma', 'treatment', 'psychiatry', 'psychiatric hospitals', 'attitudes' etc. and actually found numerous articles on the topic. However, the practical, everyday matters still remain a mystery for me.

Thank you in advance!
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