Angela A Ajuga (chibisaturn) wrote in little_details,
Angela A Ajuga

Dress Origin?

I am building a fantasy world and am trying to figure out the fashions and styles of the people.  I am not wanting to fall back on the typical European fashions for this people, so I've been poking around, and stumbled across these two lovely dresses:

What styles are these?  If they are not perfectly accurate to a particular people or period, what are they inspired by?  Is there a term for the sleeve/cloak thing?  What about the double belt thing?  Or the crisscross pattern in she second dress, also to be seen in the green Sims dress here?  Ideally, I'd like to be able to talk about and search for these dresses in more accurate terms, as well as look at the cultures these dresses originate from, to see the variation of dress, and to understand the culture (mores, setting, and so on) behind the dresses.

I have searched for variations on the terms Arabian/middle eastern/Syrian/Persian gown, but have yet to see anything similar to these styles.
Tags: ~clothing

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