wildemoliere (wildemoliere) wrote in little_details,

Civil War Slang: Derogatory Words For Yankee

I'm writing a story set in a slightly steampunked American Civil War. Most of the technological deviations have not yet happened, and history is pretty much the same until 1862. The character, who has just joined the Union Army, is listing derogatory slang terms for Yankee. I have scoured the internet and I keep coming up with the same three words: Bluebelly, Mudsill, and sometimes Little Coot. I don't like the last one. It sounds weird and there is conflicting information about it. I could always make something up, but that's a last resort. I'd like to use real terms if I can find them. Knowing humanity's creativity, there were lots of slang terms for Union Soldier, very few of them complementary. I just can't find any. Help, please?
Tags: 1860-1869, usa: history: civil war, ~languages: english: historical

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