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Psychiatric Patients and their medicine.

 I'm writing a story set in present-day United States (Ohio to be exact) and my character suffers from bi-polar disorder and severe psychosis. 

Question: Is it possible for a patient to not take their medicine? Like are they able to hide the medicine in the corner of their mouths and fake out a staff member? 

From my knowledge, and it may be wrong, but don't drug deals go on in psychiatric hospitals with patient meds? Or is that limited to the staff stealing meds and selling them for their own use? 

I'm asking this question because I can imagine that my character's psychosis would only happen if he didn't take his pills as instructed. And his psychosis is a major plotline in the story. It needs to be ~bad in order for this story to work. 

I hope this makes sense. 

Google search terms used: patients not taking pills, medicine distribution in mental hospitals. 

I never know how to narrow searches when it comes to google. 
Thank you! 
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