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Legality of a sixteen year old male and fourteen year old male having sexual relations

So, I'm writing a fanfiction story that deals with relationship abuse. The part I'm asking about now is set in New York. In the story, when the relationship starts one character is sixteen and the other is fourteen, and they are both male. It is mentioned several times throughout the story that they have sex, and the first time they have it is when they are sixteen and fourteen. The relationship lasts three to four years, so by the time it ends, one character is overage and one is underage, but the underage one is the age of consent for New York. However, I want to know if all of the sexual relations they have over the course of the first part of the story (which is like a prequel) are legal.

I searched Google for "age of consent", "age of consent in New York", "legality of fourteen year old and sixteen year old having sex", and read some things on this on and the part about age of consent for New York on Wikipedia, and I'm still royally confused. None of it makes much sense to me, because it's been kind of conflicting and I'm getting the laws between New York and my home state confused, and I just want to know if the sex details check out. Could someone please help me out?

(Edit: I think I have enough information now. Thank you so much to everybody who helped!)
Tags: ~sex, ~sexual abuse & assault

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