w_a_i_d (w_a_i_d) wrote in little_details,

International law, 1890s.

 1894 or 1895.

A foreigner from  Country A visits London and is trapped into confessing to having tried to murder a British citizen while in Country B. How, and where, is he dealt with?

Do things change if I throw in a successful murder?

I would prefer him to be tried and eventually hanged in Britan, but I will think of something else if I have to.

Country A is imaginary, (think Ruritania), Country B has yet to be determined.

I've mostly searched Google Books, using strings such as "crimes committed abroad" "crimes committed on land out of England" (the online version of A History of the Criminal Law of England is, infuriating, missing some crucial pages) "crimes committed by foreigners" "crimes committed by aliens", etc. But I don't know how to find cases with this specific combination of factors. I  keep finding information related to the US, or to crimes committed at sea.

Tags: 1890-1899, uk: government: law enforcement, ~law (misc)

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