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WW2 Germany - Truly Random Questions

Hi everyone,

So after exhausting my Google-fu in doing research for a short story, I still have a few questions left that I'm hoping this community can answer!

My story is set in Germany circa 1942~1943 - right in the height of World War II. I know my plot, but I'm having a lot of trouble writing the opening scene as I can't really find anything quite specific enough on civilian arrests and the subsequent trials.

1. Would the SS just burst into your house, seize the person, and throw them into jail based off a tip?

2. How fair would the trial be, particularly if the prosecutor was of noble descent (as indicated by a "von _______" surname), and the defendant was not? I know that the Weimar Republic eliminated the noble class, but how much stock would Hitler's courts have put into noble blood? It has the virtue of being "more German", but aside from that...? (If it helps, the charges are homosexuality and slander against the Fuhrer).

3. I found a list of German noble's names - would it be all right for me to appropriate one for my characters? I'd like them to have a "von _______" name.

4. How was bread packaged in that time?

Thank you so much in advance!

Terms searched include: "SS civilian arrest procedures", "arrests in WW2 Germany", "Nazi arrests", "Nazi trials" (which mostly turned up Nuremberg stuff...), "trials in Nazi Germany", "homosexuality Nazi Germany", "gay trial Nazi Germany", "treason Nazi Germany", "German nobility", "German noble surnames"
Tags: germany: history, ~homosexuality: history, ~nobility (misc), ~world war ii

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