holy bacchant (raghnaid) wrote in little_details,
holy bacchant

help identify a fairy tale

hello, Community!

i'm trying to track down a fuller telling of a fairy or folk tale based on the few details i can remember.

what i remember is that there's a great stone sitting on the side of a green hill covered in daffodils and the stone thinks life is pretty beautiful. but after hundreds of years on his side, he gets to wondering about the other side of the hill and one day when a mouse passes by, he as asks the mouse to look at the other side of the hill and tell him what it was like. the mouse comes back and tells him that the other side of the hill is much more beautiful than this one, it's a shame the stone can't see it. and this little cycle goes through a few more animal friends and another few hundred years, each reporting that the other side is totally awesomely better, until one day the stone asks a bird to go look and report back. and when the bird gets back, he tells the stone that the other side is just the same, covered in green grass and daffodils.

i feel like i'm forgetting a lot of details, especially at the end, and definitely the specific language of the story.

i hope this rings a bell for someone! thank you all so much!
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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