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Prisoner transport - stun belts/cuffs

 Sorry to post again so soon... but I have spent hours upon hours researching present-day prisoner transport and such in the US, lately, and I am about reaching the end of my rope on one little detail as regards stun belts/cuffs. 

There are many, many places that say that such cuffs (particularly referring to the Band-It variety) can have two settings: to be triggered via a remote, or to be triggered by motion on the wearer's part. I can find all kinds of information on its use in a courtroom setting, and related to its trigger via remote... but nothing at all about the motion-activated setting, except to know that it exists. 

I'd really like to have at least some idea of how it functions - Is it just triggered by fast movements? Does it go off if the person so much as twitches? Is it if the move more than X distance from a certain spot? Are there different ways for it to be triggered? What? 

I have tried dozens of different variations of search terms - from the obvious "how does the motion trigger on X work" to tracking down specific companies and their promotional materials, to searching for manuals under the specific product names, to reading through Amnesty International reports connected with the products. There just seems to be nothing out there related to that function. 

Can anyone give me some details about how the mechanics of this work, or point me toward other search terms I might use?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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