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Questions about US Marine court martials, prisoner clothing and height and weight of $3,000,000

I'm writing an NCIS LA fanfic, and I have to place an undercover agent posing as a member of the Marines into a prisoner transport. Her intended target has been found guilty of a number of crimes and is being incarcerated, and the agent has to extract vital information from her before she gets to the detention centre. The easiest way to do that is pretend to be a prisoner on the same transport.

I have googled variations on the searches "US Marine prisoner", "US military prison", "Uniform Code of Military Justice" and read the official web pages for the Marines.

I have several questions.

1) I need a crime that would mean that the guilty person would be locked up rather than punished and kept in the service. Would physically assaulting a superior result in a Marine being imprisoned? If necessary I can say that it was a serious asault requiring hospitalisation.

2) I know that serving US military personnel are subject to the UCMJ and are tried by court-martial. When appearing for this, what uniform would the defendent wear?

3) Once found guilty and transported, would the Marine still wear a standard uniform, or would they wear the orange jumpsuit style prison uniform used in non-military prisons?

And finally, perhaps the strangest of all,

4) Another character in the fic pulls off a heist, stealing millions of dollars. Given that I am a average every-day poor person, I have never seen that amount of money in person before. The heist requires another two people to help get the money into a stolen truck - how much space would three to five million dollars take up, when the notes are in standard bundles? Is that even enough to warrant three people being needed to move it all?

Thank you very much to anybody who can help. I know that this is only a fanfic and that nothing I'm planning would happen anyway, but I'd like make it sound faintly plausible.
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