Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in little_details,

Warning for racial slurs: Need a racial charged epithet in use in Italy in 1930s - 40s

I am writing a novel set in North and East Africa in the 1930s and 40s.  My character is ethnically Italian, politically anti-facist but deeply, deeply racist.  I need him at one point to use of a slur which would be the equivalent of the N-word in impact, to describe an Eritrean co-worker

I have tried various sources (and, I know the rules, but I am not comfortable repeating all the search terms I've used).  All the results so far have lead me to descriptions Italian-American slang, so I have no idea if they are appropriate in the context outlined above.

Can anyone help me? Both with suggestions and an indication of the words' impact/offensiveness? 
Tags: africa: history, italy: history, ~languages: italian, ~racial prejudice (misc)

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