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Fire terminology - tube shaped flame

I'm looking for the correct term, preferably, or failing that either a picture or video that shows the phenomena I'm referring to.

The phenomena I need a name for or image of is when a flame forms into a tube shape. I've only ever seen a few images of it, and they were always interior fires where the tube formed against or very close to a ceiling or wall. In the video they were formed right after the fire hit an upper corner - I assume it is caused by hot gas somehow, but have no idea of the mechanics of it. I am fairly certain that it is not the same thing as a fire tornado/fire vortex, unless they look very different when indoors.
I used to have a video that showed it; I seem to recall it was a grease fire safety video, but I'm not certain. I know it was an interior fire. Having checked all my fire bookmarks it seems to be one of the ones where the url is no longer valid. I've probably checked every grease fire safety video on youtube (or at least the first 9-10 pages worth) and wasn't able to find it or another that showed the same phenomena.

Google and/or YoutTube searches:
Fire, fire forms tube, fire forms tunnel, fire tube, model of fire, grease fire, interior fire, kitchen fire, fire pipe, flames, different kinds of fire, different kinds of flames, flame behavior, flame tube, fire model, fire tunnel, fire vortex, fire tornado, Interior fire, backdraft, flashover.
Tags: ~firefighting, ~fires

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