red2blue (red2blue) wrote in little_details,

Was LiveAid Broadcasted in the Soviet Union in June 1985?

I hope someone remember and can help to answer this question.

I've googled various combinations of /with the above key words, but haven't found an answer yet. I've found out that for the first time ever an uncensored program aired from the USSR to the West - performance of a popular Soviet rock band Authograph as part of LiveAid on July 13, 1985. But I don't know if the Soviet audience actually saw all or at least part of the LiveAid, either live or a record afterwards. If they didn't see it, did they know about the event at all at the time?

The actual fact of this event in the Soviet Union will directly affect the events in the story I'm writing. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Tags: 1980-1989, russia: history, ~television

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