sublunarythings (sublunarythings) wrote in little_details,

fossilized stone carvings -- preservation

Setting: modern day, Australia [though the carving was made in the early Miocene, about 20 million years ago]

Google: ... well, I didn't really know how to search for something like this. I searched for "pseudofossil" and "fulgurite", since those are kind of complicated stone structures so might be vaguely analogous...

If a carved piece of stone (with the carvings being reasonably deep, not just millimeter scratches -- say half a cm to a cm deep) got buried in the right kind of soil for fossilization (along with, say, the fossilizing bones of the creature that was carrying it), could it survive well enough that the shapes of the carvings (in this case, a map with continent outlines and deep dots/scores marking major sites) could be read ~20 million years later?
Tags: ~science: geology

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