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Prison work release and handler access to medical information.

I'm writing a story involving a convicted felon on work release, working with law enforcement as a CI. (Takes place in the US.) The way I handle certain aspects of the story may be affected by what access law enforcement (most specifically his handler) would potentially have to his medical information. If necessary I can have the CI give permission for the access at a certain point, but I'm wondering if the information might be given without his needing to grant the permission then and there. 

I'm not talking access to the medical files, but more about medical personnel giving his handler (he's under quite close supervision) general information about injuries/illnesses. Is it likely his handler would be allowed access to that information, as it'll affect the CI's work with them? If not automatically, is it possible that something related could have been written into the terms of his release? (I understand that there are sometimes unusual conditions attached to parole, etc. and there are already some special conditions/terms connected with his release.)

I've searched a bunch of variations along the lines of "unusual conditions of parole" "work release law enforcement medical access" "who has access to prisoner medical information" and "law enforcement access to medical information", as well as trying to research generally parole terms and conditions, but I'm having trouble determining exactly what would be realistic here.

Any help would be very much appreciated!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, usa: government: prison

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